Singing Demos: Prominent London Recording Studio Offering Voice Reel Services

Do you want to make a professional and successful career in the world of musical theatre productions? If so, you might already know that you need to have musical theatre reels recorded at a professional recording studio that showcases the power of your beautiful voice. Such a voice reel will be beneficial for you as most casting directors ask for such recording tapes to use as your initial audition. Hence, you need to make sure that you record a voice reel right away.


There are a few important things that you should remember while creating a voice reel. Firstly choose the right content that showcases the variety in your voice. Secondly, choose a professional voice reel recording studio such as Singing Demos.


Singing Demos is amongst the leading recording studios located in London that is exclusively dedicated to creating voice reels and voice-over reels. The recording studio was established in 2011 by Mitch Jarvis with a vision to provide the finest services to budding voice-over artists and musical theatre enthusiasts. This London recording studio has the latest technology that will help you record the fine details of your voice accurately. After all, it’s your voice that will make you famous and hence you want to bring out the best in the voice reel.


Singing Demos not only works with the musical theatre of voice-over artists, but they also work closely with different casting directors and agents in the industry. This allows them to understand the current demands of the industry and provide voice recording services fulfilling those needs. Hence, working with Singing Demos to create high-quality voice overs will be beneficial for you in the long run. You might also get a good reference from Singing Demos to a casting director and agent. This way the studio will be able to help you in more than one way and kickstart your career.


Singing Demos also works with professional voice-over artists who want to get better opportunities in their careers. The recording studio provides three different packages for vocal reels. Each package has different services along with a student discount in each package. Similarly, for voice-over reels, the recording studio provides more than 200 scripts in different genres with a student discount. With Singing Demos, creating voice and voice-over reels is extremely easy and hassle-free. So, contact them now to know more about their services and packages.


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